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New Year, Second Chin?!

Double Chin

For those of you hitting the gym in the new year trying to burn the seasons calories off, fat dissolving injections may be a great option for you. Fat dissolving injections are highly effective at treating stubborn areas of fat like double chin, love handles and arm batwings. We advise a mixture of exercise, healthy eating and a minimum of 2L water intake a day to compliment and enhance the results of fat dissolving.

There are 2 popular brands of fat dissolving injections that we offer at M&K Aesthetics called Aqualyx and Lipomax which each have their selling points. Do not worry if you are unsure which brand would work best for you, we discuss this all in detail at your consultation. We sometimes recommend up to 6 sessions for large and particularly stubborn areas although some find 1 or 2 sessions sufficient for smaller areas like under the chin.

Fat dissolving treatments start from only £99. Down time post treatment is quite minimal, there may be some redness, swelling or dull pain as the fat cells are being broken down. We expect the results of each individual treatment to present 2 to 3 weeks after the injections once the bodies lymphatic system has drained away the broken down fat cells.

Fat dissolving injections are a proven and effective way to break down stubborn fatty areas when paired with a healthy lifestyle. Book your consultation now and discuss your treatment options with our medical practitioner.


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