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fat dissolving (aqualyx, lipomax)

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Fat dissolving injections are a highly effective, non -surgical treatment to reduce stubborn localised fat pockets. Areas of the body where fat dissolving injections are especially effective include the chin, arms, abdomen, back and thighs.

Fat dissolving injections break down localised fat cells which are then cleared by the bodies lymphatic system via the urine following an inflammatory response. Fat dissolving injections are designed to work in synergy with a healthy diet and exercise to tackle those stubborn fat pockets that just won’t shift. There are two brands of fat dissolving products that we stock at M&K Aesthetics, Aqualyx and Lipomax which either include the local anaesthetic Lidocaine or we add it to the formulation to maximise comfort although this is a relatively pain-free procedure. We discuss the treatment options in detail with you at your consultation to ensure an optimal treatment plan. 

Fat dissolving


  • Procedure time: 60 minutes
  • Downtime: None although there may be some localised swelling
  • Number of sessions required: Usually 4 to 6 sessions 4 weeks apart
  • Price: Starts from £99

Strating from only £99 a session